The Devil's Visit To Devon

The comments on the post below suggest that the image of the footprint might belong to the devil, one can only wonder.

This leads conveniently to the following story.

"The mysterious footprints, which appeared overnight in heavy snowfall in Southern Devon in 1855, have never been adequately explained. According to contemporary reports, they stretched for over a hundred miles, and went through solid walls and haystacks, appearing on the other side as though there was no barrier. The extent of the footprints may have been exaggerated at the time, and they may have been the result of freak atmospheric conditions. But in truth the footprints - if that is what they were - still remain a complete mystery. "

"....At Woodbury the marks seemed to have been made by a hot iron outside the door of the church! Near Dawlish the tracks led into some dense undergrowth and bracken, but when the dogs were sent in to 'flush out' what was in the thicket, the dogs began howling and retreated, refusing to enter the area."

These mysteries, these puzzles that scatter human history, never cease to amaze. What was The Devil doing in Devon - and does he pass by unnoticed the majority of times, when there is
no snow on the ground?
The wind outside has eased and the moon has reappeared from behind a cloud, the author of these words is confident The Devil will not pass by here tonight.

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