The Barking Dog Next Door

This news article refers to an 82 year old lady who was so angry at the continual noise coming from the dogs next door, that she tried to burn her neighbour's house down.

The author of these words, sometimes driven to distraction with the same problem, can only sympathize with her. Whilst he does not condone arson, he can fully understand her actions.

The dog next door is a Jack Russell , who emits a shrill, piercingly loud bark or yelp for hours on end when left alone, which happens on a daily basis. The illustration below shows a different breed of dog, but the image expresses perfectly exactly what he'd like to do to the dog who is slowly but surely destroying his sanity.

Your scribe signs off for now, despondently. He used to think of himself as an animal lover, but today he could quite happily murder one of God's creatures.

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Anonymous said...

Shoot the dog's owner instead, they deserve it for leaving their pet alone for such long periods.