Suzy Dent - A Timeless Beauty

Whilst watching Countdown today, the author of these words was once again struck by the timeless beauty of Britain's best looking lexicographer, Suzy Dent.

Seated next to Des Lynam and Rick Wakeman, she looked like a rose between two thorns.

Not surprisingly, a quick search on Google reveals that many others may also have had impure thoughts about her.

Sadly for many, but happily for her, Suzy's Wikipedia page reveals that she is married.

It is the opinion of the author of these words that Suzy's pulchritude goes far beyond that of Carol Vorderman, who is starting to show her age.

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Notaneep. said...

I do not know this Dent woman, but I will not have the incomparably lovely Carol Vorderman cast into shadow by some young upstart of a hussy.
please show some respect.