The Changing Sky

The sky is becoming less blue.

Particles of airborne pollution are thought to be creating a thick blanket of dirty grey. This blanket of pollution was preventing the ''scattering'' of sunlight as it passed through the atmosphere, causing the sky to darken.

In years to come will the blue sky have become a treasured memory? In our old age, might we look to the up to the heavens though a sickly yellow and grey tinged celestial sphere?

The author of these words is chilled at the thought of old age in an overpopulated world, with rising sea levels, mounting terror and anarchy, with only the fond recollections of a pure blue sky.

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Chas Chesterfield Esq. said...

I like your gimmick. Sound. Very sound. Keep 'em coming. Troubling for us all, there is no short order of sad stories in the world. Why do I find this enjoyable to read, that a question worth considering.