Luciano Pavarotti - The Grim Reaper Calls.

Luciano Pavarotti, the opera singer was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer .

Despite optimistic statements from his managers and publicists, anyone with a smattering of medical knowledge will know that pancreatic cancer is one of the most lethal of all carcinomas.

He is undergoing treatment in the USA, but all the dollars in the world might not be able to save him. For those who hold out hope for him, brace yourself for this statistic: Some 33,700 Americans will learn that they have pancreatic cancer this year, and 32,300 will die. (Source)

Pavarotti is one of the lucky few who was able to have surgery. But this improves his chances only minimally

If there is any cancer left in his system at all it could end up spreading to his stomach, spleen, large bowel, nearby large blood vessels and possibly the lymph nodes. It could end up getting worse if the cancer then spreads onwards towards his liver, lungs etc. Media reports allude to Pavarotti about to embark on a course of chemotherapy , which lends weight to the theory that something malignant remains within the body.

Even if the operation was entirely successful, there will be massive damage to his digestive system. He is likely to become diabetic (unless he is already?) the removal, or partial removal of the pancreas will destroy the natural flow of enzymes and insulin which are essential for the digestive process.

The author of these words, a melancholy soul, wishes Mr Pavarotti the best for the coming months. He signs off considering the above facts, we all have to battle in life, when the fight wears us down, it is always worth considering that someone out there faces a challenge far worse than your own.

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